What's Important to Luc?

Promoting affordability and accessibility of childcare

Through my work as a chair of the statewide Childcare Collaborative Task Force and as president and founder of the Washington Childcare Center Association, I create real solutions for the problems that families and small businesses face due to the childcare crisis. My current priorities are safely reopening and expanding youth programs, making connections within the community, partnering with agencies, businesses, teachers and families to collaborate and keeping our working parents in the workforce.

Keeping small businesses and jobs thriving

As we recover from COVID, ensuring that our local businesses are thriving is a top priority for me. I am a small business owner, member of Greater Spokane Inc, the Association of Washington Businesses, and support several small businesses owned by women and people of color, and I believe our local small businesses are what make Spokane so unique.

Making housing affordable

I believe there are four steps we can take to make real change happen. First, increase the supply to improve the affordability of homes. Next, equitably increase access to credit education. Then, optimize land use for affordable housing and finally, ensure access to and development of communities through revitalization with protections against gentrification and displacement. We also need to protect renters from evictions in this economically uncertain time while also ensuring that small-scale landlords that depend on rent for their livelihood continue to make a living.

Making our neighborhood voice heard

My top priority is to listen and work collaboratively to fix the problems hurting our community right now. I will work for you and want to hear from you, starting now.
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Luc Jasmin III for Spokane City Council District 1 and Daughters
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